Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Recently I was fortunate enough to move into a home with this built in wine rack.  With that said, I had a couple of old wine racks that I didn't need any more.  I tried to give them to a few different family members, but none of them needed a wine rack.  We're all pretty well stocked with wine paraphernalia in my family,  LOL!

I had been meaning to take them to the Goodwill, and just recently came up with this idea.  I thought of it at about 11:00 at night, and was so excited I could hardly sleep!  After dreaming about these wine racks half the night, I got up the next morning first thing, and started playing with them... and yes my husband thinks I have lost it!

Check it out

Who couldn't use more towel storage

I think I like it more as a towel rack than a wine rack

repurposed wine rack
Can't tell?

Now do you see!

Once I started playing with my jewelry,  I found this basket tucked away, and decide it would work great for some of my fashion earrings.

I Love having all this jewelry on display.  It makes me feel all girly and stuff!


  1. LOL, and you have to go with girly when you live in a house full of guys :)

    That's a great idea using the wine racks for towel holders! I saw a really cute one on day at St. Vinney's but thought, what do I do with it since I have racks to fit inside my hutch. Now I wish I'd picked it up.

  2. Wow, fantastic ideas! I never would have thought to use wine racks the way you did in such a creative manner, and it looks GREAT! Thanks for sharing. Hmm, I have one or two in my basement I can use and will have to give this a try!

    Hugs and Love,

    Oh, and thank you for commenting on my blog. I appreciate it! =)

  3. Thanks Ladies

    I Just started blogging about a month ago as kind of a hobby and a way to deal with stress from life and my recent move. I am now admittedly totally addicted. I feel like I just gained all these great new friends with similar interests too me, and great taste of course!


  4. I love your wine cabinet. Wish we had a better place to store red wine around here. Your old wine racks work great for your jewelry, very good idea.

  5. Aw what a lovely family you have. Not sure how I found you (via a comment on some other blog) but I love your creative ideas for displaying yer gems! My dresser is so often a tangled mess!

    : )

  6. Thanks so much, cute name btw; makes me thirsty LOL!

  7. you are so stinkin' talented!!! i understand staying awake trying to figure out a solution too. *wink*