Thursday, November 5, 2009


I love the way these scarves look in the bathroom.  I think they give it such an elegant feel.  It's also a snap to see which scarf would work with a particular outfit.
As an added bonus the steam from the bath keeps them wrinkle free!
Double duty; Love That!!!

Don't these look so much better than a boring towel?
Scarves are my favorite new fall accessory; get a few and have fun!  They're a great way to spice up any outfit.

Check out this video on great ways to wear a scarf.

P.S. Just saw a commercial last night for a sale this Saturday on scarves at Old Navy
Scarves $1.00
Can you say Christmas presents!


  1. Thanks beth! Just checked out your blog; it's great!

  2. That looks so cute! I saw a display of scarves at a store and it was so pretty I didn't want to touch the scarves :)

  3. LOVE the scarf look! What a great idea! I was just at AC Moore (with my 50% off coupon of course) and they have some really cute scarves! I am currently re-doing my foyer bathroom.,.I just may try this myself :)

    Thanks for following my blog and leaving a comment! I am excited to read yours, too! the sticks on the front porch...very creative :)