Thursday, November 5, 2009




I  have been working harder lately at finding new uses for things I already have.  It brings me such satisfaction repurposing something I would have thrown away, or donated.  

I was given this beautiful set as a going away present from my friend Page (thanks Page).  While I love it just the way it is, it has oil rubbed bronze trim.  The only bathroom in my house that had oil rubbed bronze fixtures was the half bath, and I really didn't need a toothbrush holder and storage container in there.

Check out what I came up with:

                                   Three pieces shown in a totally new way!

This top makes my vase resemble a pumpkin! 

                I love how this toothbrush holder stores pieces of antique silver.

   The base to this storage dish is turned upside down, which elevates this potpourri stuffed pumpkin (a gift from my mother, thanks mom!) making it look more grand.


  1. Vanessa, Thank you so much for visiting Always Nesting. I love it that you signed on as a Follower. I tend to be a goof ball writer so please don't ever be offended by my silliness. :)

    Good for you that you can be home taking care of your family. It's a gift to every mom that can do that. My oldest daughter (28) is now home with her two babies and loves being a homemaker.

    Don't you just love what you can come up with by being frugal and creative? I've been browsing your projects and you have great ideas! Your menus sound great so you must be a wonderful cook.

    Hugs, Marla

  2. Those are cute ideas. The pieces were pretty as they were, but you got so creative with them.
    Kelly :)