Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Frugal Finds

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As I was out shopping today, and no I didn't buy any food for those of you who read my previous post, I came across these clearanced twigs with berries at Target.  They were only $2.78 each!  Not sure why they were on clearance; they are a fall item, and it's still fall right?  Anyway look what I came up with for under $8.00.


I had intended to gather pine-cones from around my yard to place in the basket today, but with shopping, errands,  laundry, vacuuming, dusting, disinfecting every surface in the house because of sick kids, school pick up, dinner prep, teacher conference, soccer practice, etc.  There was no time, imagine that!

Check back soon to see the finished product.


This is more like what I had in mind; still need a few more pine-cones but you get the idea.

This is how I dry out pine-cones and give the bugs a chance to crawl out before bringing them in.

Also as part of my errands this morning I took a load of clothes to the Goodwill.  I used to frequent the Goodwill years ago, when we were newly married and poor.  I guess my snootiness got the best of me the last 10 years or so.   I haven't really stepped inside except when I was looking for the occasional halloween costume or Christmas Play outfit.

Well curiosity got the better of me after reading about all the cool things that many of you bloggers have picked up for next to nothing.  I decided to meander around, and see what all the fuss was about.  Now mind you, this Goodwill I went in was super clean and organized, and very well stocked.  Otherwise I probably would have turned around, and walked out; I don't do well with chaos.

After browsing for some time, look what I found for only $14.00, so excited!!!

All in excellent shape, 2 looked brand new!  Brands were Ann Taylor, Limited, Tommy Hilfiger, and Old Navy                                      

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  1. WOW, fantastic finds! I love your blog and enjoyed reading it, and your pictures are great. Love the tuna wrap, I will have to try that this week...sounds delish!

    Have a wonderful day! ~Liz~