Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Thanksgiving Tablescape

I know a lot of you ladies out there are much more talented and passionate at this than I, but I do love my table to reflect the coming holidays and seasons.  I set a simple Thanksgiving table and plan to leave it this way until Thanksgiving dinner.  Why just enjoy a beautiful table-setting for a day?

Not too fancy or fussy, but just right for me.

Remember my post on what to do with sheets.  Well, these "runners" are remnants from that same set.

I'm proud to say I didn't spend one penny to create this tablescape.  Just used what I had on hand!

The ever evolving display shelf.

A few admissions:
I didn't leave the wine glasses on the table.  I put away the silverware containers, and I put the wine bottle away.  My boys are a little too wild to leave everything out.

Also check out these rugs that I found at Sam's Club yesterday for only $25.00 for all three.

Chose a darker pattern for by the fridge; it gets the most boy foot traffic!

They're nice and big and super cushy which is great for all the cooking and dish washing I do for my four boys (remember I've got a big one too)!


  1. My tables are always pretty simple too. When I try dimming the lights and lighting the candles I hear "I can't see the food."

    I love your paint color with the white wainscotting(sp?) Beautiful. I'd love to have walls that have so much character in my home but fear asking for yet one more project, with so many still on the books :)

  2. Thanks and LOL, I know that works. I have to give him "breaks" between projects and lots of praise and a beer a good dinner doesn't hurt either!

  3. My typos make me cringe, I have a problem not checking before I post!

  4. Your Thanksgiving table looks beautiful. I leave my tablescaped up sometimes too. Why take them down when they look so pretty....
    Thanks for visiting today.

  5. I think I have the same dining room chairs as you! Your table is what I would set for a nice everyday dinner when my kids were younger and home {they are 19 and 22 now}. A nice homey setting.

  6. Yea those chairs have been around for a long time. Thanks Kathy!