Monday, November 9, 2009

Something other than Mums...

I love my entry to reflect the seasons, and for me mums are an obvious fall choice.  This fall has had me particularly busy, so I didn't pick up my flowers as early in the season as I should have.  

Lucky for me, because I was inspired to do something different, more interesting, free, and It saved me a trip to the store.

What do you think?  I found these branches in my yard and just played with them till I had the look I wanted.   
It's spare, but elegant; perfect for fall.  

My boys and husband had a different take on things, with comments like: 

"Mom, what the heck is this" and "what's up with the sticks by the front door?"  LOL  ;)

Pictures show all the imperfections don't they?  I've been meaning to paint that front porch!

After Christmas, with my poinsettias of course, I may even put these back up.  I think they'll look great for the winter.  


  1. I love the brick with the columns on your house. There's something so elegant and inviting about brick homes.

  2. Thanks Marla,
    I love the brick too, no maintenance!