Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Master Bedroom Facelift

I've been wanting to sort of redo my master bedroom, but with little to no expense.  I've put a lot of thought into the color scheme I wanted, and came up with light green and gray.  The two colors seemed so soothing and classic together,  so I don't think I'll tire of them for awhile.    As you can see from the pictures below I have yet to integrate my new color scheme.   I do however have a birthday coming up in a couple weeks,  so I'm hoping hubby will give me the go ahead to buy some new bedding and maybe a few other finishing touches.  Lucky for him I'm a less is more gal, so I tend to be kind of minimalist with my decor, and therefore my spending.  

I have moved things around getting ready for the finishing touches on my makeover.
Here is a view of a bay window 
I used barstools as side tables &
a file cabinet as a coffee table/place to set my books and coffee 
I topped it with a picture frame

here you can see under her skirt

here's a close up of the barstools I use as side tables

I moved this table in here from my family room.  I showed in a previous post how I gave it a facelift. 
This gave us some much needed storage with out having to buy new night stands.

here is what I replaced it with
another barstool covered by a glass table-topper

yet another barstool
this one on the other side of my bed
topped by another picture frame that I wasn't using

here's a better view

not the greatest pic but you get the idea

jewelry area

another view

Now can you just imagine this layout with light green and gray?
I'll post as soon as I get my new bedding and such!
Have a great Day



  1. Pretty, Vanessa! Your room is huge, great job! ~Liz

  2. Yes,yes I can totally see where you are going. Your room is sooo big. Can you paint the walls? There is so much character in your room. Lucky you.

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  4. Wow, what a lovely room. It's enormous!! I totally get the look you're trying to achieve - love it! Are you open to a few suggestions?

    The bed should always be the focal point in a room. When I look at your room, the first thing I notice is a huge dresser with an extremely important jewelry box sitting on top of it (kinda like a museum exhibit - where's the spotlight?). All kidding aside, the dresser/jewelry box combo is commanding all the attention.

    Even if you were to move the jewelry box over to the "jewelry area" on top of the small chest, the huge dresser still commands all the visual attention (and it makes the small chest look even smaller against that massive wall).

    You have to keep scale in mind, so I'd move the larger dresser to the wall. Keep the mirror where it is, but paint it a darker shade to coordinate better with the dresser, add a couple of lamps, and display all your jewelery odds and ends as you wish.

    A low bench (or two), in fabrics that compliment with your bedding, would be a much better option in front of your foot board - helping to reinforce your focal point (not distract from it).

    The temporary night stands you have are fine for the moment, but the height of a night stand table should be about the same height as your mattress (or even a little taller), so I'd consider using the small chest as one of your night stands (I know what you're thinking, but it's okay to put a chest in front of a window).

    The chest might possibly work in place of the filing cabinet in the bay area as well, but it's hard to tell from the photos without seeing them next to each other.

    I hope you'll give some of these suggestions a try.