Thursday, February 18, 2010

Menu Plan Monday...errr Thursday

For those who don't know me well, let me tell you I LOVE menu planning.  I love it so much, that sometimes I'll write meal plans up for three or four weeks in advance.  I also really enjoy cooking, so needless to say I have a fair amount of people that ask me what I'm making for dinner.  Which is why I have decided to post weekly meal plans on my blog.   Now... I probably won't do this every week, but I'll do it when I can (no pressure)!

I hope I can give you a few ideas, and maybe a little inspiration.

This is what I have made, and will be making this week:

Monday-we were traveling so we ate out

Tuesday-Homemade chicken pot pie, green salad  

Wednesday-baked basa(this is a white fish)with grilled    
onions with a balsamic and honey glaze, roasted cauliflower
green salad with tomatoes, olives and avocados

Thursday-olive garden's pasta e fagioli soup and garlic  

Friday- OUT!  It's my birthday

Saturday-homemade pesto, tomato pizza (I make dough in my bread-maker)with grilled onions and mushroom,      
homemade humous w/pita chips

Sunday-pasta carbonara, salad

You'll notice as you start looking at my meal plans that we have at least a couple vegetarian nights per week.  Also when meal planning I keep a few things in mind, not necessarily in this order.
Nutrition, ease of preparation, will my kids eat it or some version of it?,  cost, and last but not least taste.


  1. I'm going to your house for dinners! You are a way better cook, and certainly more creative, than I am :)

  2. c'mon over Marla! I don't know about the more creative part though. You've proven yourself to be pretty crafty!