Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cute Valentine Craft and Gift

Look at these cute little Valentine's day goodies I made!

I got the idea from Brunch at Saks.  It is such an easy and inexpensive idea.
Here are some of the candy bars I made for friends and family

This one I made for one of my sons
To make it you simply pull the wrapper off a candy bar and rewrap it with whatever paper you choose.  You could use scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, construction paper, tissue paper, etc.
& then decorate however you choose.
I wrote a message on them with a gold pen.
I also got a bill and wrapped it in tissue as a bonus gift.
I think my boys will be pretty and chocolate, it doesn't get much better than that!

Another cute idea would be to include a gift card or an IOU
careful ladies, the men in your lives don't forget about the IOU's!!  HAHA

Enjoy your Valentine's Day!


  1. Love these! They turned out really cute and you're & chocolate is a win-win!

  2. Very cute idea - I am sure they were well received!


  3. I love this idea!! And you're right...chocolate & money..what could be better!!

    Thanks for visiting me...I've missed you!! I really need to make more time to go around and visit all my favorite blogs more often! Things have been crazy with sicknesses (the kids), hubby going to Turkey for 2 weeks, and the Blizzard we had!! Ahhh!!!

    Hope everything is going well!!

    Talk to you soon,

  4. They turned out cute, and then to open them and find CHOCOLATE or money? What could be better? :-)