Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Love Containers!

Don't ya just love pretty containers?  There's just something about taking an item out of it's store bought packaging, and putting it in something prettier.

Here are a few I picked up recently and quite cheap, I might add.

I got this one at Pier One on Clearance for $6.48, but I had a gift card so FREE for me!

This one was from TJ Maxx (isn't she cute)?
It was only $3.99.

It says utensils; it's kind of hard to read.  It was from TJ Maxx for $3.99 as well.
They all have kind of a vintagy look, which I've been drawn to lately.

This paper towel holder I picked up at Ross for $5.99.

I love having everything I need to make a quick cup of coffee in the morning within arms reach.
Plus I get to look at my cute new containers!

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