Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Today I felt I should share some of my tips and tricks to try to get your children to want to read more.  Why is reading important?  I've sure you've heard it said, reading is the basis for learning.  I believe this with all my heart.

I have three boys that all enjoy reading.  How did this happen, you may ask.  Well it doesn't just happen, but with some strategic planning I truly believe any child can WANT to read.

From the time any of my boys can remember, they have had an assortment of books in each of their rooms.  All kinds of books; books about the world, true stories, fiction, silly books, scary books, devotional books, fantasy, reality fiction, animal books, historical books, joke books, whatever.

I think a mistake that many parents make is thinking your child should read or have only "educational books"  I believe all books can be educational because they're instilling a love for reading.

One area I can say I haven't scrimped much is purchasing books.  We go to the library frequently, and  absolutely love going to book stores like Barnes and Noble or Borders.  We'll go, and I'll get them a treat and me a latte;  we can just hang out for hours.

I few tricks I've used to get my children to read:

Open books, that you thinks he/she may be interested in, to a page or picture that they can't help but stop and look at.

Keep a magazine rack in the bathroom for "restroom reading"

every week or two I update and change out/rotate the magazine in my boys bathroom

Order or ask family members to order, as gifts, subscription to magazines

Limit the amount of "media" as I call it, your children are getting; when I say "no more video games"  nine times out of ten I'll find them all reading something!

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  1. Great suggestion for encouraging reading. My oldest Grandaughter is having a hard time. I will share your tips with her. Thanks and congrats on having great readers, I love to read too.