Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Menu Plan

Hello All, Hope your enjoying this beautiful spring week!  Well at least it's beautiful here in Georgia.  

Over this past weekend I baked some potatoes, 5 lbs. to be exact.  We ate a few with our dinner Sunday night, but we had plenty leftover. You'll see those making a reappearance in some of my menus this week.

By the way this is something I commonly do.  If I'm going to cook something that takes a decent amount of time or energy, I cook extra- saving time, energy, and money.  Also another tip...if I am baking something (like potatoes) that take an hour or so in the oven, I always crowd the oven.  I put in a loaf of banana bread and roasted some broccoli and onions with the potatoes.  If your gonna cook, after all, you may as well make thee most of your time, right?

Here's what on the Menu this week:

Grilled eggplant sandwiches with marinara sauce, potato salad (used those baked potatoes) with fresh herbs from my back porch!
  The baked potatoes gave a really nice flavor to the potato salad.

Minestrone potatoes... This recipe has become one of my go to quick and healthy weeknight meals.  I heat these soups and pour them over baked potatoes that I've drizzled with a little olive oil & salt and pepper.  Sometimes I top with cheese.

Paella with venison sausage  -I don't eat sausage but I'll portions some out for me before adding the sausage.

Chili, Cornbread and Guacamole

Grilled Scallops, Grilled Chicken, Green Salad, Sweet Potato Fries or Rice

Fettucini with peas, capers and lemon zest, green salad

P.S. I always love if you have recipes or cooking tips to share


  1. You always have the best meal plans. I cooked for 3 daughters when they were all at home, I can't imagine cooking double that amount of food for 3 boys :)When my son-in-law is here he eats massive amounts of food and he's thin as can be.

  2. I never make scallops but I like them, maybe I should get some and use a recipe, hubby and daughter won't eat them, they'll all be just for me ;-)

  3. One question: When's dinnertime? ;)
    I use a wonderful book that I think I need to blog about called Saving Dinner.
    It is divided up into all four seasons- Eight 6-days-a-week menus per season.
    The grocery list for each week is also divided into the grocery sections and is followed by the recipes.
    It makes my life so simple.
    Well, more simple.
    I can make the recipes vegan or with meat.
    There is a vegetarian Saving Dinner that has been printed, too.
    I also make one recipe per week out of the Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child.
    That's how we do dinner :)
    P.S. I don't do sausage (or pork) either.

  4. Wow, that sound really interesting; I'd love to see that!

  5. I'd love to see what you do with the left over potatoes, Vanessa! They are probably the only thing we all like in my house {and that I can eat gluten free}. I like the idea of making more than the one nights recipe calls for and saving it. I'm guessing they save well if you've done it.

  6. Ohhhhhh yum. Grilled scallops are SO delish! Your family eats goooood!