Monday, March 15, 2010

Menu Plan Monday


Happy Monday Everyone,
Hope you had a wonderful weekend and are ready for a great week.  I have a moderately busy week, so my meals won't be too involved.  This is what I  have planned.

Fresh caught fish baked with a Panko breading, garlicky green beans, boiled petite red potatoes
(if you haven't tried Panko you really should.  It's this light crispy bread crumb mixture which is perfect for fish)

Homemade Black Bean Soup over Rice

Spaghetti and Meatballs, green salad

Rotisserie Chicken Tostadas  (made with chicken I had gotten on sale a couple of weeks ago and froze)

Tuna salad wraps, carrots sticks, Wolfgang Pucks Soup, not sure which one I've got a pantry full to choose from right now

Quiche, 1 with turkey bacon, and 1 with broccoli and parmesan, green salad

I also going to try to make a batch of  Very Vanilla Muffins

This shouldn't be too complicated, but hopefully I can manage it with 3 soccer games this week!

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