Thursday, March 25, 2010

Master Bedroom Update

My Bedroom has come a long way from this post.  I've gotten the new bedding I wanted.   I did keep with the color scheme I had in mind, green and gray, but it needed a little pattern.  Sooo I decided to add pattern in the form of black and white.  I really love the drama it added.  I'm by no means done I'm never done), but am moving in a direction that I'm really loving.
Check out where I am so far:
new bedding, that I must say I LOVE!

redid my dresser top/dresserscape if you will

repurposed wine rack for my necklaces

I spray painted these place mats gray.   I like the texture and color they add to my dresser top.
I laid a scarf across the top of my dresser to add a little pattern.
I'd love to add a little something on either side of the mirror.

I go this cute lamp at Tar-jay, just the right amount of pattern.
A view from one side

I moved my file cabinet/nightstand from here

to here
I also "pimped it up"
& check out this jewelry box I spray painted and sanded

I plan to cut those barstool legs in half, and make them cute little footstools.   I just need to find some round cushions for the tops.

I really like the way these stools look at the foot of my bed.  They sort of mirror the circles in my bedframe, don't ya think?

OK, ladies let's look at a few before and afters.

Before this small dresser wasn't working.  It was WAY too under scale.

I moved it to my son's room.  It worked much better here, and I had forgotten that I got them both at Ikea.  They were from the same line of furniture and matched perfectly!
You can read more about that redo here

furniture layout before

and after

SO, what do you think?  I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestion.


  1. You've been really busy!! Love your new bedding.

  2. Oh yeah!! I've been eager to see your next bedroom post. I'm so glad you took some of my advice. It's really looking so much better not only in color, but scale!! Isn't it amazing what small changes can do to a space?


  3. My goodness, you have a HUGE bedroom! I love the new changes...very pretty and creative! You sure have been busy. =) Thanks for sharing! ~Liz

    Thank you for the advice on my kitchen. I think you may be right. Color would be WAY easier to change than a huge revamp of the cabinets. Whatever I do, I will probably tackle once school is out in a few months. Thanks again, Vanessa! ((Hugs))

  4. Love the bed and the bedding. You have really got some great things going on, the repurposed wine racks....great idea, the file cabinet disguise, the round stools...very creative.

    The one thing I would change is the gold on the mirrror frame. Maybe black or an accent color.

    Thank you so much for linking up to the Parade of Bedrooms @ Bungalow.

  5. Your whole bedroom is so striking! I love all the creative touches you've done to make it your own. Using the wine rack to hold your jewelry...WOW! That is such a great idea!(You know I'm gonna copy that.:)) And your pimped out file cabinet...c'est magnifique.

  6. I agree with Liz, your room is huge! I love the dresser your moved into the room. It does look great. I think Debra's idea of painting the mirror is a good one...there's not really any other gold in the room is there? I love what you are doing and I'm so jealous of how large it is.

  7. Love the bedding, Vanessa! What a nice big room you have too. I love your dresser ~ it does seem to fit that space better.

  8. I love your room. It looks so pretty with the new bedding.

  9. Wow, you do have a large room! Love the bedding. I'm with the other girls in suggesting that you paint the mirror frame....a silver or antiqued pretty!


  10. Hello, Vanessa, sister in Christ!
    I also like the black and white and green, but added creams/brown to it in my room.
    I also have an iron bed!
    I really like your huge room and your beautiful new home- it looks like it has lots of light!
    Please stop by my home and see if you like the green and black and white I have going on, too, and maybe you have some ideas for me.
    Where did you find the comforter set- I think it would work in my room.
    My bed needs more color, I think.
    SO happy to meet you through Bunny's Bungalow!
    Blessings as you make your home!

  11. I like your new bedding! I would change out the gold frame on the mirror to either a nickel or burnished silver - nothing shiny. It would also look good with a finish similar to the chest. I might try the mirror turned the other way, too. I'd try it horitonal over the chest.

    I like monocromatic color schemes, but you might want to add a splash of color in accessories. Perhaps aqua, or a salmon-y, coral color.