Thursday, December 10, 2009

My NOT so Sad Christmas Tree

First I need to thank all of you who gave such good and needed advice with regards to my sad little Christmas tree.
It's strange...I have a good eye when it comes to decorating.  I know proportion and scale.  I can pair things together beautifully, mixing old and new items.  I even work really well with colors and textures, but when it came to my Christmas tree year after year I couldn't get it right.  I was never happy with the look.

these are the before, they just lacked any style or theme

and after

it doesn't show well in the pictures, but it looks sooo much better!

I learned a few things about decorating a Christmas tree.

1.  Use about 3 main, coordinating colors
2.  Use 3 different bulb sizes
3.  White lights are a must!  I know, I know, this is highly controversial, LOL.
4.  Last but not least, have it reflect your personal style.  I like things simple, pared down.  That's why I wasn't happy with my previously decorated tree.  It had way too many colors on it, way too many different styles and colors of ornaments, and too much garland.  I seriously felt annoyed every time I walked by it.
If you feel that way about your tree, your holiday decor, or anything else in your home,  change it!  


  1. I love both looks, revised and original! :)

  2. Hi Vanessa!

    What a beautiful tree. I love the way the tree frames your gorgeous window. I also like the ornaments around the chandelier, great idea! I am in love with your hardwood floors too. Thanks for sharing!

    Oh, and thank you for the nice comments on my blog! *smile*

    Have a great weekend! ~Liz