Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's Like New Front Door

My home isn't very old, but the front door need to be restained.  When it was originally stained some water or a cleaning chemical dripped on it, and caused these drip marks.

They aren't easy to see, but there are several below the window.  Since it is the builders responsibility to make everything right, I was going to take full advantage, and have him redo it.
Well, when the painters came, they tried to strip the door.  After several hours of work they said it would never look right restained, and that they needed to paint it instead.  Reluctantly I suggested they paint it black.

What do you think of the results?

While you're here come on in and take a peek at some of my Christmas decorations

Dining room chandelier

little breakfast table I moved and set up in the dining room, so we'd have more room to sit around the tree

Help! no matter what i do I never like the way my Christmas tree turns out.  :-(
What am I doing wrong; I'd love some feedback here!

This area is more kid friendly (a little tacky maybe), but still kid friendly and full of handmade memories

honestly, I HAD to put out these cute little decorations that my boys made

breakfast table

the stockings hung by the chimney with care

just a few simple decorations in the living room
Hope your having fun decorating your house!

P.S. Feedback please on that sad little tree?


  1. How about fabric bows? I add about 5-6 to my tree, and it really adds a nice touch :) I cannot make a pretty bow to save my I had them made at A.C. Moore. I just picked out the ribbon, and they turned them into decorative bows for me. I then just used a little thin wire and attached them to the tree. There are so many pretty patterns of ribbons to choose from, you can totally match the bows to your tree or decor :)

    Your tree and decorations are the way :)

    Your new bloggy buggy,
    Shelley :)

  2. Thanks Shelly good tips. I knew it just need a little something. Loved talking to you btw!

  3. Oh, the door is PERFECT!!! Stunning!We have to have our home repainted in the spring and I keep thinking I want a black front door. My home is gray so I think it could look nice.

    Your Christmas decor looks beautiful.

  4. Thanks for the sweet comment as always Marla. And yes I really would recommend the black for a front door. I think it's a good neutral

  5. I enjoyed talking to you to Vanessa! Any time you need any help, I'm here :)

  6. I LOVE what you've done with your front door and the rest of your decorations look festive and fun. Since you've asked for help with your tree I'll recommend the following: Whenever I don't like something, I play around with it. Sometimes the solution isn't in adding, but in taking away. I would recommend taking away all of your blue ornaments and see if you like that better. If not, put them back on :). I would also recommend trying to string the beaded garland horizontally rather than vertically. See if you like that. If not, put it back. Sometimes it just requires some playing with :). Good luck!

  7. I love your door black! We need to get new siding done on the front of our house and I would love to paint our front door black at that time. Had to do a double-take ~ I have the same dining room table and chairs! Christmas decorations should be kid-friendly; I think yours look great!

  8. WOW, your front door looks amazing! I love black doors because what ever wreath you put on the always tends to POP!

    I think your tree looks great. Honestly, I wouldn't change a thing. I'm the same way, I am never happy with my trees either. =)


  9. Everything looks great, I needed some inspiration!!!!

  10. Your home is gorgeous! LOVE the black door!!! A simply, gorgeous, full of love home!!

  11. I adore your door (tee-hee). Actually I really do.. .I have a black front door too!!

    PS - thanks for following me. I'm following you too :)